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FR Clear
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Clear Fire retardant coatings/spray
Applicable for
  • Wood
  • Fabrics
  • Leather
  • An eco-friendly water-based coating for Wood and Fabric materials
  • Non-toxic to humans, animals, or the surrounding environment
  • 100% tested and certified to NFPA 701 flammability fire rating
  • ASTM E84/UL 723 Class A flame spread and smoke development rating, UL Classified


FlameOFF® FR Clear is a fire retardant coating that is best applied to wooden surfaces and on other natural or synthetic materials. With FlameOFF® FR Clear, users can benefit from the safety of a fire-resistant coating, with a clear finish that allows materials to maintain their original colors, appearance, and durability.

This anti-fire technology protects wood and other materials but is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. FlameOFF® FR Clear is effective in protecting construction materials from the spread of fire. It maintains the original properties of the materials used. It is water based, non toxic, and environmentally friendly.

FlameOFF® FR Clear is odorless and lightweight and is easy to apply through spraying, dripping, or padding.

Prolong the life of structures made out of wood and other materials. Reduce fire danger on construction sites, and for long after projects are completed. Made for commercial, industrial, and residential uses for applicators, architects, building officials, general contractors, and others.

Tests and certifications were conducted by accredited third-party labs to ensure that this product performs as promised. FlameOFF® FR Clear is compliant to tests and certifications in accordance with E84/UL723 flame spread and smoke development and NFPA 701 for flame propagation of textiles and films. This product is recommended for interior applications and has not been evaluated for long term exterior use.

Product Details

  • Sold in:
    • 5 gallon pail
    • 1 gallon container
    • 32 OZ bottle
  • Any Paint Sprayer
  • Spray evenly until surface is wet to the touch
Main Application Industry
  • 办公室老板座位办公室老板座位,菠萝蜜图片高清菠萝蜜图片高清,半熟少女第二季半熟少女第二季
    Commercial and Residential
  • 办公室老板座位办公室老板座位,菠萝蜜图片高清菠萝蜜图片高清,半熟少女第二季半熟少女第二季
    OEM companies
  • 办公室老板座位办公室老板座位,菠萝蜜图片高清菠萝蜜图片高清,半熟少女第二季半熟少女第二季

Why choose FR Clear

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • No fumes or smoke released
  • Limiting fire to its initial fuel source
  • Eliminating the afterglow
  • Prolonging the life of structures
  • Protecting industrial machinery
  • Easy application, easy cleanup
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to touch
  • Longer protection against heat
  • Non-ignitable
  • Lighter in weight
  • Cost-effective

Guaranteeing a product that generates amazing advantages!

Call (888)901-5413 or email info@flameoffcoatings.com for details.


The performance criteria as set out in a building code are clear and unambiguous, and need to be tested by an independent third party. Our tests are done by national accredited testing laboratories. Their unbiased results are the basis for our certification listings.

TexTest NFPA 701 Listing
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